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answer 17:01:00

finchmishi: Hi! I really like that "lorem ipsum" pixel square. Could you please tell me how you did that? I tried googling some stuff but didn't come up with anything. What did you use to replace the color data?

I used a Mac hex editor called Hex Fiend. This was only my second attempt. The first was on an existing, complex JPG, which didn’t work out so well, so (taking a hint from Philip Stearns, whose Year of the Glitch¬†project was definitely an inspiration) I started with a blank white JPG. That made it much easier to find the repeated “phrase” for the image data, which is where I started replacing things. By reloading the JPG in Preview as I was going, I could see if I was having any effect.

Speaking of Stearns, his answer to a similar question¬†is worth a read. His closing words are great: “Best advice is to just experiment and be fearless!”